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I’m a wife to one good lookin’ man I met in a barn one day,
Mother to a 3-year old boy with lightning speed energy,
Daughter to 2 creative entrepreneurs who also milk goats,
Sister to 4 women who are more than best friends together.

There’s a lot of things I could say about myself, but when it’s the end of the day, family is my favorite part of life.

When I first started my career out of VCU fine arts school, I worked on anything you might see on TV– Oreo commercials, ads, even the news! I also worked for a design firm with big named clients anyone would’ve loved to say they worked for. I was moving up in the ladder, I was proud and excited for the future.

As our family expanded when our son was born, the fast paced corporate lifestyle just wasn’t where I wanted to be. My heart changed in those first months as a mother… I realized family is my passion and that is what I wanted to esteem most. Not Oreos, not the latest news, but family! I quit my full time job and went full steam towards starting my own business that encourages family.

I want to tell the story of how a family began! I’m not in the business to make a flashy video that makes you look like you’re in a hollywood movie. I want to take hold of the real, natural moment of you starting your lives together, and capture the joyous occasion that is!



What inspires me most

Enjoying simplicity and watching my son explore!

What inspires me most

Time at home with my little family - just being together!

What inspires me most

Gardening: watching life grow out of a tiny seed!


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