The Glasgow Farm Wedding VideographyCourtney & Robert

I always love sharing the story of how each of our couples met. Every story is unique and makes creating their wedding video so much more personable. Courtney and Robert are such an adorable pair, and the story of how they met is just as sweet.

Courtney first started working in the same department as Robert when they met. She basically had eyes for him right from the start and knew she wanted to get to know him! She was new to the area, so she asked Robert at work if she could hang out with him and his friends over the weekend! Courtney really just wanted to get to know Robert 😃

As they hung out as a group, Robert couldn’t help but fall in love with Courtney that night. When he walked her to her car, they shared their first kiss!! They both instantly knew something was special about the other and have been in love ever since!

When I met with Courtney and Robert before their wedding, I immediately fell in love with them just as fast as they did with each other!! We had the best time all getting to know one another and learning about their wedding.

Arriving on the day of their wedding I felt peace and joy just radiating from both of them. There were forecasts of rain, but it completely stopped right before the (outdoor!) ceremony! Their moods were never dampened by the stress, but instead there was SO much excitement.

Courtney had gifts and letters and kind words for everyone she was with on the wedding day, and so did Robert! She even gave letters and gifts to her (soon to be) stepson – it was such an adorable moment! They were the most thoughtful couple I think I’ve ever met. They constantly were telling their loved ones how thankful they were for them, and how much they loved those around them.

I’m incredibly blessed to have had the privileged of capturing their wedding film. Congrats to the happy couple!


Photography: Nichole Haun