What makes your work different from other videographers? If you haven’t already noticed, I am a female! That in itself makes me different than many cinematographers. Most women tend to gear towards feelings, beauty, emotions and romance. As a female wedding cinematographer, I’m looking for just that — your genuine love story! I love getting to know you both as a couple and truly investing in your story even before the wedding day. This enables me to create a film that captures the essence of who you are together, and all of the beauty and emotions that brings.
I have a fine art background. Some of the most beautiful art is simply a depiction of life happening naturally. Bringing together moments, stories, and stringing them together like on a canvas. To document the beginning of your new life and family with every emotion you face, is truly an inspiring day for me to capture.

Where are you located and do you travel? I live in the small historic town of Fredericksburg, VA. YES, I travel anywhere! Our clients are located anywhere between Maryland, DC, NoVA, Richmond, and Charlottesville. I’m ready to pack my bags and come to wherever you choose, so lets start planning the trip!

Do you have a second shooter? Yes! We are a husband+wife duo, so my husband, Jonathan, shoots every wedding by my side! 

What is your equipment like? Every piece of equipment we bring, we ask ourselves: will this bring unnecessary attention, or interfere in any way with the guests, the family, the photographer or the bride and groom’s experience of the wedding day? Since my goal for the day is to capture natural life happening, the last thing I want is for you to be camera struck! With that motto in mind, we thoughtfully bring unobtrusive high quality video cameras with microphones, glidecams, tripods, monopods, and sliders. We also offer drone footage for an additional fee.

Could you tell me about your packages?  We offer a starting base package which includes a 4-6 minute Short Film that captures your story, along with a multi-angle start to finish video of the Ceremony. We also offer a variety of add-on items including a 10-15 minute Documentary Film, Raw Footage, Toasts coverage, and lots more! Every couple is different, so contact us to receive the full Wedding Cinema Information Guide so we can start configuring your wedding package!

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