Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Wedding VideographyRichmond, VA

Last year, Ashley reached out to me about wedding videography. As soon as I saw her email pop up in my inbox about her wedding, I started to get EXCITED! Ashley is an incredible artist, has great style, and loves good FOOD! So I knew her wedding would be a dream to capture and participate in!

As if she wasn’t already the sweetest creative bride who couldn’t get any better, she then went on to tell me the details of her day. Specifically that she would be having her ceremony at the church she grew up going to (St. Peter’s Parish Episcopal Church in New Kent, VA), which was also the church George Washington got married at! How cool is that?! It was so fun looking around at the historic details and architecture, all being lavished in beautiful garlands of magnolia they strung for the big day!

Not only is Ashley an artist, but Taylor is too! So the fact their reception was at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA was a perfect fit for them! Every detail about their wedding was thought out in such detail.

One of my favorites were the wedding favors: oyster shells painted gold that held Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a small pearl! The backdrop of paintings and sculptures surrounding the wedding guests made for a sophisticated, classy, and yet intimate wedding.

As if the wedding day couldn’t have gotten better… Ashley and Taylor came out for their First Dance at the end of the cocktail hour, unannounced, and performed their well-rehearsed Tango Dance!! Ashley had told me they were doing a special dance, but I didn’t know the extent of how amazing it was going to be until they started! It was quite the surprise to the wedding guests to have such an entertaining, theatrical show as the start to an eventful evening!

We loved being there to witness and capture all of the memorable moments of their wedding day on film. The grandness of their wedding will stay in my memory for a long time. We hope this wedding video will serve as a unique reminder of the day they came together as husband and wife!