Liriodendron Mansion Wedding VideographyBel Air, MD

I love weddings because it gives us a chance to contribute and participate in one of the happiest days two people will share. Amanda and Bobby were just bubbling over with joy on their wedding day. It was so exciting being there with them to capture those feelings. They are two super fun, eclectic, smart, happy people with big hearts. Their story is just as fun 😃

Bobby transferred to William and Mary and was approaching his senior year. He had just a few credits away from being able to graduate but had one conflicting Freshmen Philosophy credit that had not transferred. All he needed was the approval from a professor from his last school, but he was on sabbatical in West Africa with no internet access. How serendipitous this unfortunate circumstance was 😃 Guess who just so happened to be in this class?! Amanda was a freshmen and when she heard Bobby participate in class discussions, there was a flickering interest that grew for his intellect! She befriended him quickly and their interest for one another grew into love 😃

I can’t think of a better place to celebrate their marriage than the Liriodendron Mansion. It’s overflowing left and right with character, beauty and history full of stories. Amanda specifically mentioned a scene in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice where people are milling about, dancing, laughing, and enjoying themselves. The camera pans through these interactions and voyeuristic-ally shows the event. Amanda envisioned the same for their wedding and I thought it played out perfectly at the Liriodendron!

We hope this film will forever be a reminder of the memories they made that day as a newly wed couple 😃 Congrats Amanda and Bobby!!!!

Photography: Nessa Kessinger